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The wrap up for 2010
What a wonderful year we have had, we finish the year as Number 1 Weimaraner Breeder (Pedigree dogzonline Breeders pointscore)

Kye – Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy Owned by L Smith finished the year as number 1 All breeds Weimaraner QLD and 2 nationally and number 1 QLD Best of Breed winner and number 6 nationally... Also winning 3 Best in Shows and Best of Breed at both Toowoomba and Brisbane Royals! Well done to Lynelle and Kye on a fabulous 2010

Allie – Aust Ch Bromhund First Class (AI) finishing number 2 rising start Nationally, number 1 in Victoria she also gained her show title this year. She has managed to stay at the top of the rising star for most of the year and given that she is shown in mostly city locations with over 750 dogs at most of the shows she has certainly been competitive also at specialty and royals in 2010! Our thanks to Sharon for doing such a wonderful job with her and showing her so well and providing her with a lovely home and up bringing thanks so much!!

Other Champions for 2010 the year started with
Aust Ch Bromhund Zone In “Zinc” – Co/owned with Greg and Jo Wood, Zinc will have a litter in early 2011 and then will be back to the show ring!

Aust Ch Bromhund Double Mark “Curtis” – Curtis left us for rainbow bridge mid 2010, I was absolutely devastated and still even typing this I get very teary.. he had such a super start to 2010 and considering he was not shown after July he still managed to stay in the top 10 of the rising stars.

Aust Ch Bromhund Disco Baby “Sugar”- loved handled and owned by Regina Desliva – Well done Regina on a super effort first time to the show ring and you finished in style gaining Sugar’s title just over 12 months of age. She picked up a few class in groups along the way. Well done again!!

NZ Ch Bromhund Dareta Marka Mark (Exp NZ) “Darcie” – owned by Sue Alison Darcie gained her title in NZ with ease winning multi Class in Show awards both all breeds and specialty level.. Was a real high light going over to NZ in November and getting to see Darcie perform and win Junior in Show! Looking forward to some exciting plans with her in 2011...

Aust Ch Bromhund It’s A Classic “Indi” – Owned by Arron Graham after a break from the show ring Indi came back in early 2010 and finished her show title with ease. Well done to Arron and good luck with her new babies in 2011.

Aust Ch Bromhund Fully Loaded (AI) “Max” – Owned by Angela Pearson so thrilled that Max and Allie finished their title on the same weekend such a great young dog that has is only getting better with age well done to another new comer to the show ring Angela you have done a great job! Good luck for 2011

Bromhund Shamrocks Luck TD “Arrow” – Owned by the Yeo Family – Arrow completed his Tracking Dog Title in 2010 another new comer to competitive field we are very happy that you have been able to complete your Tracking Dog title well done!! Good luck in 2011 with the Tracking Champion!

Aust Ch Bromhund Manhattan(AI) CD “Charlotte” – Owned by Greywei Kennels – well done to Norma on gaining Char’s CD title in 2011 now on maternal duties what will 2011 hold for our miss char char!!

Our other youngsters have done so well this year and look forward to some more Champions in 2011 good luck to

Bromhund Grand Legend “Clinton” – Owned by Mick Priest and Bromhund Kennels – WA
Bromhund Dynamite Dahli “Dahli” – Owned by Zuzanne – QLD
Bromhund Just N Time “Jazz” – Owned by Bromhund Kennels and Zuzanne – QLD
Bromhund In Demand “Demi” – Owned by Craig and Angela Tulk – NSW
Bromhund Foreign Legion “Trigger” – Owned by Craig and Angela Tulk – NSW
Bromhund Jack N The Box “Jack” – owned by Bromhund Kennels VIC
Bromhund New Review “Mia” – Owned by Faye Dods & Bromhund Kennels – VIC
Bromhund Novue Richie “Atticus” – Owned by Kayleen Jones – VIC
Bromhund Centre Piece “Page” – Owned by Bromhund Kennels –QLD
Bromhund Ghee Whizz “Gigi”- Owned by Bromhund Kennels –QLD
Bromhund Kiss Me Kate (AI) “Katie”- Owned by Bromhund Kennels – QLD
Bromhund Knights Moves (AI) “Zeke” – Owned by Maxine Parker & Sue Turner QLD
Bromhund Karbon Copy (AI) “Kade”- Owned by Bromhund Kennels - QLD
Bromhund Mystery Girl “Gracie” – Owned by Lynelle Smith and Bromhund Kennels – QLD
Bromhund Long Time Coming “Nara” – Owned by Susan Thomas – QLD
Bromhund Whoopisdaisy “Fergie” – Owned by Susan Thomas – QLD
Bromhund Asha “Asha” – Owned by Vanessa QLD

Looking forward to 2011!!

Our last show for the year and it was a lovely wet day once again!!
our team did really well
young Jack taking Best of Breed (9points) this puts him over 50 points towards his show title
Allie - Bitch Challenge and runner up Best of Breed
Mia - Best Baby of Breed....

Our next shows will be early January

Our O & P litter growing and our little miracle puppy from our Q litter also growing big and strong new pictures soon!!

A lovely weekend for our team!!
In Victoria
Jack - Best of Breed
Allie - Best of Breed & Junior in Group also shortlisted for Best in Group
Mia - Best Baby Puppy of Group

In Perth
Winston (previously know as Clinton) Best of Breed 10 points

Weekend Results
In Brisbane
Kye - Best of Breed
Stella - Runner Up Best of Breed now on 67 points !!
Katie - Best of Breed

In Victoria
Allie - Best of Breed
Jack - Runner up Best of Breed & Minor IN GROUP
Mia - Baby of Breed

In New Zealand
Darcie - 2 x Runner up Best of Breed and 2 CC
Holly - 2 x Runner Up Best of Breed only 2 CC to go for her title!!

Our babies are growing so quickly both Carrie and Page being great mums!!!

A quite weekend for us but a few of our dogs where out and about
Sharon and Allie picked up 1 x Best of Breed and 1 x Runner up Best of Breed
Arron with Cruise a (Cusck x Indi) son 1 x Runner up Best of Breed and 1 x Best of Breed

In New Zealand
Aust Ch Bromhund Keepsake (LH) had her first weekend out with Pip and got 2 cc one with a Best of Breed!!
So not bad for a Longhair well done!!

Our O litter arrived
3 girls x 1 boys
Our P litter also arrived
3 boys!!

Well done to our little Kade (Bromhund Karbon Copy AI) at his first show winning Best of Breed (10 points) & Puppy in Group
Jazz won Runner Up Best of Breed & Minor Puppy in Group....
Katie Best of Breed
Kye 2x Best of Breed
Stella Bitch Challenge...

Still no puppies we are waiting!!

Anyone after a recue Wei please check out the link below there unfortunately are a number of Weis looking for forever homes.
If you think you can help out please contact the specific breed clubs listed.

We are back from our lovely trip to New Zealand I will post some pictures in the next week.
We are waiting now for Page and Carrie to have their babies due in the next week..

Another Super weekend for our team...
Huge congratulations to Angela on gaining Max’s show title now Aust Ch Bromhund Fully Loaded AI he is our 130th Champion!
also the same weekend his sister  Allie finished her title now
Aust Ch Bromhund First Class AI again huge thanks to Sharon for all her hard work with Allie she certainly has done very well and the best is yet to come!!

Other results
In New Zealand - Darcie picks up Best of Breed (18 weis entered)
Jack - 2 x CC and runner up BOB
Kye - 2 x Best of Breed international judges in Brisbane
Gracie - 1 x Baby of Breed
Stella - 1 x Bitch CC and Runner up BOB
Katie - Best of Breed

Weekend results for our Team
@ Sunbury Kennel Club Judge Mr L Berg (USA)
Bromhund Just N Time "Jazz" 
Res Bitch Challenge & Runner Up BOB & Minor Puppy of Breed with an entry of over 25 weis!!
Bromhund New Review "Mia" Owned by Bromhund Kennels & Faye Dods 1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class

@ Vic Womens Dog Club Judge Mr J Pepper (USA)
Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie" - Best Junior in GROUP
Bromhund Jack N The Box "Jack" - Best Minor of Breed
Bromhund New Review "Mia" - 1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class
RUBISS Aust Ch Bromhund Zone In "Zinc" - Res Bitch Challenge 

@ Alstonville Ag Socitey Judge: Mr R Lucas.
Bromhund Centre Piece Res Bitch Challenge
Bromhund Dynamite Dahli Owned by  Zuzana Meskova) Res Dog Challenge 
Bromhund Ghee Whizz "Gigi"
Best of Breed (11 points) 
Bromhund In Demand "Demi" owned by C & A Tulk
Best of Breed & Puppy in Group 

@ Victorian Gundog Club Judge: Mr David Markus (Can).
Bromhund First Class (AI) Allie - Best Junior of Breed
Bromhund Just N Time "Jazz" Best Minor of Breed 
Bromhund Nouveau Riche "Atticus" Owned by Kayleen Jones Best Baby of Breed

In New Zealand
@ West Coast Kennel Assoication Judge Ms D Duffin (AUST)
NZ Ch Bromhund Daret Maka Mark "Darcie"  Owned By S Allison - Best of Breed

Finally sometime to update the website.
I spent a lovely weekend on the Gold Coast was able to tie in 3 shows while I was up and we had a clean sweep at all 3 shows!
Saturday 1st Show
Kye - Best of Breed
Stella - Bitch CC & Runner UP Best of Breed
Clinton - Res Dog CC
Gigi - Res Bitch CC
Gracie - Best Baby Puppy
Katie - Best of Breed & MINOR IN GROUP

Saturday 2nd Show
Kye - Best of Breed & OPEN IN GROUP
Stella - Bitch CC & Runner UP Best of Breed
Kiss - Res Bitch CC
Gracie - Best Baby Puppy
Katie - Best of Breed

Sunday Gundog Assoication of QLD
Stella  - Best of Breed
Dahli - Dog CC & Runner UP Best of Breed
Kye - Res Dog CC
Gigi - Res Bitch CC
Katie - Best of Breed

The Crew at the Farm!

What a lovely weekend had some great results from quite a few of our dogs!
Ballarat Weekend
Atticus - 1st Baby Puppy Dog
Jack - Best of Breed (9points) & Puppy of Breed
Mia - Baby of Breed
Jazz - Bitch CC, Runner up Best of Breed & Minor Puppy of Breed
Allie - Res CC & Junior of Breed
Atticus - Baby of Breed
Jack - Res Dog CC & Puppy of Breed
Mia - 1st Baby Bitch Class
Jazz - Res Bitch CC, & Minor Puppy of Breed
AllieBitch CC & Runner up Best of Breed

Jack and Allie after a big day at the show!!!

North Queensland
Vespa - Wins 2 Puppy in Groups
Zeke - Best Baby in Group for his last show in baby!!

Kyogle A & P Society
Trigger - Best of Breed (10 points)
Page - Bitch CC and Runner Up Best of Breed
Gigi - Res CC
Demi - Best of Breed
Katie - Best Baby of Breed

A lovely spring Saturday was spent at Seymour Ag Show
Allie - Best of Breed (10 Points) & another Junior in Group
Jack - Res Dog CC
Jazz - Minor of Breed
Mia - Baby of Breed
Some new pictures of Jazz, Mia and Allie now on their page..

Holly has been mated to Kye so all going well these babies will be due 5th December!

Allie wins another Best of Breed and Juinor in Group!!

30 points to her show title...

Our lovely Ad to appear in next edition of Dog Scene "Spring"

A busy weekend @ Shows!!
In Queesland
Trigger - Best of Breed
Gigi - CC and Runner Up BOB her first points!

In New South Wales
Sugar - Best of Breed
Max - Dog CC

In Victoria
Allie - Best of Breed
Jazz - Res Cc and Runner Up BOB
Jack - Dog Challenge...

In New Zealand
Darcie 2 x Best of Breed and Junior In Show

Weimaraner Shows our team went well
Jack 2nd Minor Dog
Jazz 2nd Minor Bitch
Allie 4th Junior Bitch
Zinc 2nd Intermidate Bitch
Royal Melbourne Show
Jack and Jazz 2nd Puppy
Allie 3rd Junior
Zinc 2nd In Open

Clinton and Page have been mated all going well puppies will be due Mid November!

Our weekend results
another Minor in Group and also 1 of 4 shortlisted for the Group
Zeke wins a Baby in Group!
Allie - Best of Breed and Junior in Group!
Zinc and I went back to SA for the Royal General Specials day we did not do any good but lovely just to be there!

Weimaraner Club of Vic Inc Championship Show is on this Sunday 19th September @ Kcc Park @10am
Then Breed day @ The Royal Melbourne Show on Monday 20th September
Come and visit us there!!

A very busy weekend for us
Adelaide Royal 2010
Judge Mr D Powers (Mexico)
Zinc - Best of Breed
Allie - 2nd Junior Bitch Class

Weimaraner Club of SA Judge: Mr W Bousek (USA)
Jack - Best Baby Puppy In Show
Allie - 1st Junior Bitch Class
Zinc - Res Bitch Cc & Open in Show

In Queensland
Kye - Best of Breed
Our lovely Stella (Bromhund Quite Classy) hits the showring again after her first litter and takes Res CC

Nara - Bromhund Long Time Coming has her first show...

In New Zealand
Darcie had a good weekend
1st show on Sat she was Junior of Breed and Res bitch.
2nd show on Sat Junior of Breed and Best Bitch.
3rd show on Sun Best of Breed

Well done to Maxine on winning MINOR IN SHOW with Vespa on Sunday

Well done to Vanessa with Bromhund Asha on Best of Breed and Zusanne with Bromhund Dynimate Dahli for Runner Up BOB
@ Gold Coast Show on Saturday...

Our N Litter are now 8 weeks some stunning photos of these lovely babies on our Puppies page..
Good luck to all the new owners..

Shows over the weekend
Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club
Page 2 x Best of Breeds for 20 points
Clinton 2 x Dog CC and Runner Up Best of Breed for 14 points
Jack 1 x Baby of Breed and Best Baby in Group
Dahli - Dog CC and Best Intermidate In Group well done Zusanne

Weekend Results
Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy "Kye" - Best of Breed
@ Gundog & Heavy Breeds

Showing in Melbourne
Bromhund First Class (AI) Allie - Res CC and 2 x Junior of Breed
Bromhund Just N Time Jazz - 2 x Best Baby of Breed
Aust Ch Bromhund Zone In "Zinc" - Res CC

Our N litter now 6 weeks old

Lovely litter of 6 babies 3 boys 3 girls born at Ghostwriter Kennels
Dam is our lovely Anya
Contact us for more information.

Brisbane Royal Results

Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy "Kye" - Best of Breed
Bromhund Grand Legend "Clinton" - 1st Aust Bred Dog
Bromhund Foreign Legion (AI) "Trigger" - 1st Junior Dog
Bromhund Foreign Affair (AI) "Kiss" - 1st Junior Bitch
Bromhund Centre Peice "Page" - 2nd Intermediate Bitch
Greyghost Mustang Sally "Sally"- 1st Intermediate Bitch & Bitch Challenge
Sally is Sired by Harry and dam Haille
Bromhund In Demand (LH) "Demi" - Best Puppy of Breed

Pretty quite weekend of us

In North Queensland
Vespa picks up another Minor in Group
Zeke - Baby of Breed
Well done Maxine!!

In Victoria
Allie wins another Junior In Group!

From the USA
Sass and Rio pick up more points for their USA titles
Rio only needs 1 more major for his USA title

Our M Litter now all in their new homes and our N litter turn 5 weeks...

Half way through 2010 already where has this year gone!
Our team is doing very well currently on dogzonline pointscore
(1st August 2010)
Aust Grand Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy "Kye" NUMBER 1 ALL BREEDS WEIMARANER
Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie" NUMBER 1 RISING STAR

Allie wins Best of Breed and Junior in Group @ Greensbourgh Kennel Club her first show in Junior Class
Her brother Max picks up 2 x Best of Breeds.

Our lovely ad in July Dog News

Our L Litter have all gone to their new homes good luck to all the new Weimaraner Owners!!

In Canada our Cusack kids have done well
Kato - Best in Group (Group 1) and Group 4 win
both Murphy and Coco points towards their Can Title!

We are slowly updating our website with some new photos and new look...

A very busy weekend for our team all around the country!
In Victoria
Allie - wins BEST IN SHOW at the Vic Gundog Show

Well done Allie and Sharon!!

In Queensland
Page 16 point BEST OF BREED
Clinton 10 point dog Challenge and runner up Best of Breed
Jack 3 lots of Baby of Breed
Trigger x 2 Res Dog Challenges

In New South Wales
A big congratulationsto Norma and Char on gaing her CD!!
well done....

Cusack daughter Coco had her first show in Canada and went Best Puppy in Group
Not to be out done by his sister Murphy on the Sunday also took Best Puppy in Group
Well done Shelley!!

Cusack's son "Rio"(Can Ch Gramayre's Kat'ch Me If U)
Won Best Op of Sex at the Weim Club of Canada Regional specialty show..
Well done to Coleen so thrilled!

this great shot taken of my special boy last week when our babies where born he was watching on intently..
Curtis left us for rainbow bridge tonight after his 4th operation to remove a rock...
Only here for a shortime with his incredibly sweet nature everyone that meet him loved him..
Scott, Cusack and I are going to miss him terribly... Run free our little bugalugs xxx

A wonderful win for Sharon and Allie (Bromhund First Class AI)
Junior Kennel Club
Allie's 2nd last show in Puppy Class!! well done guys!
Curtis Res Dog CC and Junior of Breed

Vespa wins 2 Minor in Show and Minor in Group
Zeke Res Baby in Show and Res Baby in Group
Well done Maxine!

From Canada Cusack son Kato wins BEST IN GROUP!! (Group 1)
Well done Shelley and Kato and of course his co owner Kelly!!

A quite weekend for us this weekend

Kye picks up a couple more Best of Breed wins
Kathleen Rodgers came to the show on Sunday to give Rosemary a hand and showed Gigi to Res CC win Thanks Kathleen great to see you back in the ring!!

Our N litter arrived safe and well Reva is being an excellent mother 5 boys 4 girls all doing really well
We still have 2 girls available from our M Litter see more of them on our Puppies page.

Another busy weekend for all of our friends and their dogs!

Firstly overseas well done to

Barb and Sass (Can Ch Gramayre Willwin The Kat Sass) Cusack daughter on winning a Major and Best of Breed at a show in the USA!!!

From the world dog show
a huge congratulations to Dorota and Multi Champion Bromhund Werwa
1st place in the Champion Class and Res CACIB

At home
Page - Won Best of Breed and Inter In Group
Jack - Baby of Breed
Kye picked up another 2 Runner up Best in Group
Vespa - Baby Puppy in Group
Allie - some more points and a runner up Best of Breed
We took Astrid to her first show since she was a baby and she also picked up her first points!

Our L Litter is growing so cute!!

A quite weekend for us only 1 show on Friday
Jack won Baby of Breed

From overseas Cusack has another Canadian Champion
Can/Am Ch Gramayre SilkWind Kat'olyst "Kato"
Finishes in style taking Best of Breed and Group 4 win!!!!
Well done to Shelly and Kelly so pleased

What a fantastic weekend for our Team!!
Kye wins Back to back
in Brisbane over 1000 entries
Kye is dad of newest litter just born last week!

wins another Puppy in Group well done Ang and Craig!!!
Page picks up some more points towards her Aust Ch Title
Jazz and Jack have their first shows Jazz winning Baby of Breed one day and Jack winning the other so nice for them to take it in turns!
Sugar won a Runner up Best of Breed in Sydney
Max also picked up some more points...

Our K Litter now 8 weeks a picture of Kade and Katie enjoying life on the couch!

I am back from our 2 week trip to the USA it was fantastic had a ball!!

While I was away we had some good results both in showing and Tracking!

Well done to Michael and Aaro (Bromhund Shamrock's Luck) on gaining his TD title

 3 shows @ Gold Coast Show
Clinton -15 point Best of Breed
Trigger - Dog Challenge and Puppy in Group
Dahli - Dog Challenge
Ash - Res Bitch Challenge
All great results for our new handlers!!

Fergie is due at the end of the month has settled well at home and looking forward to the arrival of her babies!

Also in the USA I found out the Cusack has another Champion "Seista" GramayreWinWeim Katchn Sum Z's gained his CAN CH so we are thrilled
Kato has headed to Canada to be campainged by Shelly to his CAN CH too!!

Some pictures of some of the New Cusack kids at the Nationals!
Coco          Murphy

Weimaraner Nationals 2010

A huge week we have had at the Nationals in Adelaide Judge Herr Wolfgang Fuhring (GERMANY)
Our team did very well and we had a great time catching up with all our good friends and overseas visitors.
Below are how our dog went over the weekend!

Gundog Working test – Novice 4th Place & Obedience Trail – Novice 2nd place and a pass
Aust Ch Bromhund Manhattan “Charlotte” owned by Greywei Kennels

Minor Puppy Dog – Bromhund Grand Legend “Clinton” – Very Promising
2nd Place Puppy Dog – Bromhund Fully Loaded AI “Max” Owned by A Pearson
3rd Place Puppy Dog – Bromhund Foreign Affair “Trigger” Owned by Craig and Angela Tulk
Open Dog – Aust Ch Bromhund In the Know “Harry” Good
Aust Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy “Kye” Owned by L Smith – Very Good
1st Baby Puppy Bitch (LH) – Bromhund In Demand “Demi” – Owned by Craig and Angela

Baby puppy bitch class – Bromhund In Vogue “Vespa” – Very promising
2nd Minor Puppy Bitch Class – Bromhund Ghee Whizz “Gigi”
1st Puppy Bitch Class – Bromhund First Class “Allie”
3rd Puppy Bitch Class – Bromhund Foreign Affair “Kiss”
2nd Junior Bitch Class – Bromhund Center Piece “Page”
4th Junior Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Disco Baby “Sugar”
1st Intermediate Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Zone In “Zinc” co/owned with Greg and Jo Wood Graded Excellent
5th Intermediate Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Temptress “Anya” Owned by Greg Russell Graded Excellent
Intermediate Bitch Class – Aust Bromhund Underline Me “Ari” Owned by A Maxwell graded Very Good
2nd Aust Bred Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Manhattan (AI) “Charlotte” – Owned by Greywei Kennels Graded Excellent
Open Bitch Class – Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) “Carrie” – Graded Very Good
Aust Ch Watchel-Berg Can be a Genie (Imp NZ) “Kiri” – Graded Very Good

Overall a very successful National well done to all our other good friends on there lovely wins
Greywei Kennels on Best Baby Puppy in Show with Louie
Aceweis Kennels on Best Puppy in Show with Blue!
Grauhund Kennels on Best Minor in Show with Ripple...

Anyone that has pictures of our dogs from the National I would love to see them!!

Our J Litter nearly 8 weeks I will be flying up to Queensland to have a look at them this weekend will post pictures when I am back

The weeks are getting away our National now not far off
Some great results from the weekend..

Overseas Results
NZ Ch Bromhund Daret Maka Mark "Darcie" picks up 1 x Best of Breed and 1x Runner up Best of Breed

CACIB Berlin 2010
Werwa got excellent mark in Champion class, then she was chosen Best Bitch getting another CACIB and Berlin Winner title!!!

Sunday @ Deniliquin & District Kennel Club Judge: Mrs C Cunningham (NSW).
Aust Ch Bromhund Double Mark "Curtis"
Runner Up Best of Breed
Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie"
Bitch Challenge & Puppy of Breed
Bromhund Grand Legend "Clinton"
Minor Puppy of Breed

Saturday @ Toowoomba Royal Judge: Mr G. Thompson (Sth Africa).
MBIS/MBIG Aust Grand Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy "Kye" Owned by Lynelle Smith
Best of Breed 
Bromhund Foreign Affair (AI) "Kiss" - Puppy of Breed

@ Dogs NSW Western Region Judge : Mrs C Redhead.
Bromhund Fully Loaded (AI)"Max" Owned by Angela Pearson
Minor of Breed, Minor in GROUP

at Deniliquin & District Kennel Club Judge : Mrs L Shanahan (NSW).
Bromhund Grand Legend "Clinton"
Dog Challenge & Runner up BOB & Minor In GROUP
3rd 6 - 12 months Sweepstakes Judge : Ms D Norman (QLD).

Friday @  Corowa & District Kennel Club Judge : Ms D Norman (QLD).

Bromhund First Class (AI) "Allie" - Bitch CC/Runner Up BOB & Puppy of Breed
Bromhund Grand Legend "Clinton" - Best of Breed (10 points) & Minor In Group

Our K Litter has arrived only 3 babies all doing very well
This is a very special itter for us sire is a vey old American Dog
Am Ch Norman's Double Bubble BROM "Stanley"
Thanks to Di and Val at Divani for giving us the opportunity to get this semen.

A very busy Easter weekend in Sydney!
Our Team doing very well.

Weimaraner Club of NSW Easter Speciatly Show
Clinton - Best Puppy in SHOW
Gigi - Best Minor Puppy in SHOW
Allie - 1st Puppy Bitch
Carrie - 2nd Aust Bred Bitch Class
Max, Curtis and Sugar all placed at the show!

Easter Sunday we headed to the Royal Easter Show
Trigger 1st Clinton 2nd Puppy Dog Class
Curtis - 1st Junior Dog
Harry - 4th Open Dog
Allie - Puppy of Breed!!
Gigi - 4th Puppy Bitch
Sugar - 4th Junior Bitch Class
Zinc - 4th Intermidate Bitch Class

In Brisbane
Lynelle and Kye took out 2 x Best of Breeds
Kiss 1x Runner up BOB (9 points) and PUPPY IN GROUP
Anya - Runner up Best of Breed
Well done!!

On the working front
Well done to Norma and Charlotte on 3rd in Novice over the Easter weekend!

As you can see Char very happy with herself!

On the count down to our big National in May!!

Well another great weekend for our team around the country and overseas

In New South Wales
 A big congrats to Regina and Sugar finishing her Aust Show Title
Now Aust Ch Bromhund Disco Baby!
That is Carrie's third Champion from her first litter all only just turned 1!!

Well done to Anglea and Max - Bromhund Fully Loaded AI
Best of Breed (9 points)

In Victoria
Curtis - Dog Challenge and Runner up Best of Breed

In Brisbane
Kye does it again winning Runner Up BEST IN SHOW
A huge congrats to Lynelle and Kye so thrilled for you both!!

In New Zealand
Darcie - 1 x Best of Breed and 1 x Runner up Best of Breed

Our J litter growing so cute
2 weeks old

A lovely weekend away in the Victorian Country

Curtis did really well winning Runner Up Best in Group and Junior IN SHOW!!
Zinc  Best of Breed

@ Tweed Canine Club
Page won Runner Up Best of Breed 14 point Challenge
Clinton Res Dog Challenge

Our J litter growing and doing very well.

We have some very exciting news late 2010 will see us leasing Aust Ch Greywei Shooting Star for a litter at Bromhund
Holly is a Cusack daughter and an excellent type, temprement and stunning looking girl.
We are very excited to have this opportunity thanks to Norma, Debbie and Marcia..

Werwa new Lithuanian Champion
Well done to Dorota Werwa is doing us proud!!

Our weekend started out on a very sad note
Sue Turner and Maxine Parker lost the lovely Luke (Aust Ch Bromhund Xtra Time) after a Brown Snake had bitten him
So a very sad time for them and for us and our lovely up and coming Longhair.
Our thoughts are with Sue and Maxine
RIP dear Luke....

On the show side our lovely Allie handled by Sharon
Won Runner up BEST IN GROUP with 114 gundogs
Well done Sharon and Allie

Curtis and Allie now 1st & 2nd on the Dogzonline Rising Star Pointscore!!

Our J litter arrived safe and sound on Friday night mum and babies doing well...

What a weekend Curtis, Darcie and Indi now all Show Champions!!!

We had 5 shows away in Noorat for the weekend big shows with between 750-800 dogs..
Indi - 4 x Best of Breeds, 1 x Runner Up Best Of Breed
Curtis 4 x Runner Up Best of Best, 1 x Best of Breed
Allie - 5 x Res Challenge 2x Minor in Groups

At Casino & District Kennel Club
Trigger pick up 2x Best of Breed and 2 x Minor Group wins!!

In New Zealand
Darcie picks up the final 2 x cc for her NZ Champion Title!!

In New South Wales
Sugar wins Bitch CC and runner up BOB at Bathurst Royal!!

Our I litter all now safe and sound in thier new homes.
To hit the showring from this litter

Bromhund In Vogue "Vespa"
Bromhund Immortal Ghost "Walker"
Bromhund In Demand "Demi"

Watch for them mid April!

Well done to Lynelle and Kye (Aust Gr Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy) winning Runner Up Best in Group.
@ Killarney Show Society (Judge was Mrs G. Stephenson (Qld)

New Pictures on our
Puppy Page of our lovely I litter they are only 6 weeks in the photo.

We had a lovely weekend showing in Melbourne it was lovely and cool!
Saturday 13th Feb
Curtis - Runner up Best of Breed and Puppy in GROUP
Zinc - Best of Breed
Hilary - Baby of Breed

Sunday 14th Feb
Curtis- Best of Breed
Allie - Minor of Breed
Zinc spent the day at home with her family....

Our I litter now 5 weeks old getting up and about new pictures coming soon!

Some new Pictures of Hilary, Curtis and Allie on their pages taken this weekend!

Our D litter turn 1 today 15th February Happy Birthday !!!!

Another great weekend for our team!

The Weimaraner Club of VIC Open Show
Judge Mr M Looby (VIC)
Allie - Runner Up BEST IN SHOW
Curtis - Best Dog and Puppy in Show
Zinc - Junior in Show
Vegas - Intermediate In Show
Hilary and Astrid both in Baby Bitch Class did well with Astrid winning Baby Bitch

Sharon and Allie winning Runner up Best in Show!!!!

Then all breeds Show
The Classic Dog Show
Zinc - Best of Breed
Allie - Runner up Best of Breed
Curtis - Dog Challenge

Down on the NSW Coast
Regina and Sugar have had a great weekend
Picking up 1 Best of Breed , 1 runner up BOB and 2 Puppy in Group awards
Well done girls!!!

Our I litter now 4 weeks old new pictures on the puppy page!

Cusack babies in Canada now 7 weeks old
Check them out  -Green boy  -Blue boy  - Red girl  - Purple girl  -Pink girl  -Green girl - Brown boy  Yellow girl

Another great week/ weekend for Bromhund Weimaraners

Firstly a huge congratulations to Dortoa and
Werwa in Poland
New Poland Champion the day ended up with Best in Group 4th!!!

Werwa on the move!

In New Zealand
Darcie wins 3 CC and 3 runner up Best of Breeds and 1 x Best of Breed to her kennel mate Ash who took Best of Breed at the other shows well done Sue, Darcie and Ash..

In Brisbane
Kye takes out 3 x Best of Breed at big shows in Brisbane under all International judges
Kiss also has a good weekend winning 1 x Minor in Group
Well done Lynelle, Kye and Kiss

In Sydney
Sugar wins Bitch CC and Puppy of Breed at Dapto show well done Regina and Sugar

In Melbourne
2 shows
Curtis 2 x Dog Challenges and 1 x Runner Up Best of Breed
Zinc 1x Best of Breed and 1 x Runner up Best of Breed
Allie the star of the weekend winning her first Best of Breed 10 points
2 x Minor in Groups!

What a great weekend..

Friday Night @ South Eastern Kennel Club
Judge Mr Mr A Hseih (Taiwan)
then under Mrs P Middleton (NZ)
A very big show with over 1000 entries

Saturday @ South Eastern Kennel Club
Judge Col K Roy (PAK)
Curtis wins Res Dog CC & Puppy in Group
Zinc wins Runner up BOB & Bitch CC 11 points and finishes her Australian Title now an Aust Ch

Kiri's babies have arrived 9 babies
2 SH girls 3 SH boys
3 Longhair Girls and 1 Longhair Boy
Sadly we lost one of the LH girls 
 All puppies SOLD

The Boys at the Beach
Scott, Cusack and Curtis enjoying the cool water on these warm summer days.

A sad start to 2010 with the passing of "Levi" - Am Ch Aust Gr Ch Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (IMP USA).
Levi sired 2 litters at Bromhund and certainly left his mark on his progeny and now grand and great grand progeny at our kennel.
Our thoughts are with Carol, George, Shellie and all at Grauhund at this sad time.
He was a remarkable dog and we are very grateful that he came to Australia.

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