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Weekend results 21st Jan 2017 

Well done to Joel and Hank (Aust Ch Bromhund Bulletproof) on Best of Breed & Inter in SHOW

Gaye and Eli (Bromhund Egotistical) Best of Breed and Junior in Group

Sharon and Ticket (Bromhund Get N Line) Best of Breed.. 

First shows back next week for the full team! 

Welcome to the team  

Welcome to team Bromhund Gidget and Gambler 
Bred by Debbie Meyrick in New Zealand from our lovely Dixie we are looking forward to a very exciting future with these kids..

Bromhund's wrap up for 2016!  

2016 was the most fabulous year for Bromhund..  
Leroy finish’s 2016 as; 
*number 1 Best of Breed Weimaraner Nationally 
*number 1 National Show Dog of the Year Weimaraner in Victoria 
*number 3 National Show Dog of the Year Weimaraner Nationally 
*number 4 National Show Dog of the year Gundog Victoria 
This year his wins’ included 1 Best in SHOW all breeds / 1 Best in SHOW Specialty 1 runner up Best in SHOW, 4th Best in Group Melbourne Royal & 5 Best in Groups. Best of Breed Canberra & Melbourne Royal.  He has had a fabulous year with his progeny following in his footsteps with their own success.  Leroy will enjoy semi-retirement in 2017! 

  Missy (Aust Ch Bromhund Luscious Luster) finish’s 2016 with limited showing; 
*number 1 Best of Breed Weimaraner Bitch in Victoria 
She had several lovely wins this year. Best in SHOW Specialty Bitch CC Canberra Royal a number of class in group wins. Missy will be campaigned next year well over half way to her grand title. 

Our new champions for 2016 
Aust Ch Bromhund Worth The Wait “Karma” owned by Bromhund Kennels 

Aust Ch Bromhund Xtremly Luscious (AI) “Dixie” owned by Bromhund Kennels & Weisup Kennels 
Dixie went to NZ mid 2016 in limited shows finished her title and including a BEST IN SHOW specialty win handled and loved by Debbie Meyrick.  2017 will see her babies in the ring in Aust and NZ as well as her coming home late 2017. 

Aust Ch Bromhund Under The Radar “Cue” owned by Guy and Rebecca Williams 
Cue has been in the winner’s circle in the NT with a number of class in show awards and runner up best in group wins.. She is in the top 20 Best of Breed Weimaraner for 2016 and Number 1 Weimaraner in NT 

Aust Ch Bromhund U can by me Diamonds “Angie” owned by Lynelle Smith 
Angie has had a number of lovely wins this year finishing her title with ease. Looking forward to 2017 with this lovely young lady. 

Aust Ch Bromhund R U Looking at Me (AI) “Mimmi” owned by Bromhund & Greywei Kennels 

Aust Ch Bromhund Bulletproof “Hank” owned by Joel Wallis 
Hank finished 2016 as: 
*1 Rising Star Gundog (Australia) 
*1 Rising Star All Breeds (Victoria) 
*5 Weimaraner Nationally (All Breeds & Challenge Pointscore) 
Joel and him have had many fabulous wins this year including 2 runner up BEST IN SHOW all breeds as well as 2 dog cc at Specialty and class in show both all breeds and specialty.  A huge year head for him. 
Aust Ch Bromhund Youre So Vain “Jagger” Owned by Bromhund & Sharon Sabbatini 
Jagger had a fabulous year with some lovely Best of Breed wins under international judges, Class in show specialty wins as well.. Well done to Sharon and Jagger.. 

Aust Ch Bromhund Center Fold “Folly” Owned by Bromhund Kennels 
Folly handled by Joel finished her title in 2016 with a number of class in group awards along the way… 

Our Besko girls 
Aust Ch Besko Lady About Town (AI) “Lady”
Owned By Bromhund Kennels 
Lady had a great year with limited showing she won runner up BEST IN SHOW specialty win as well as number of lovely Best of Breed at our big shows this year. 

Aust Ch Besko Colls Many Sprits (AI) “Jessie” Owned by Bromhund & Weisact Kennels 
Jess finished her title with easy at the start of 2016 she has had many class in group awards throughout the year.  She is in the top 20 Best of Breed Weimaraner for 2016 

Our rising stars 
Bromhund Egotistical “Eli” owned by Bromhund & Gaye Todd 
Eli has had a number of lovely wins numerous classes in group awards and well pointed to his Aust Ch title, injury has seen him out of the ring for the last 2 months of 2016. 

Bromhund Elegant Lady “Ellie” owned by Bromhund & Weisact Kennels 
Ellie and Ang have had a lovely year with again numerous classes in group and a Puppy in show award. Pointed to her Aust Title we look forward to 2017 

Bromhund Free Fall “Fall” owned by Bromhund 
Fall had a fabulous year as well her show career started with a bang and just continued.  She has had number of class in group wins Baby in Show All breeds.  Specialty Puppy in show wins her biggest win was winning runner up Best IN SHOW specialty from the Puppy Class and Champion Puppy in Show.  Close to her title she will be continue her winning ways into 2017.. 

Bromhund Get N Line “Ticket” owned by Bromhund 
Ticket had a great start to her show career with a Best Baby in Group at her 2nd show, she had  a few months break from the ring before coming back to the ring with great success.  Class in Show Specialty & a number of class in group awards. Well on her way to her Aust Show title. Well done to Sharon for doing a lovely job with her. 

Bromuhund J Litter 
Roy, Winnie, Lizzy and Jewel all class in group winners Lizzy Baby in Show Specialty winner! Watch for them in 2017.. 

Performance Bromhunds! 
Dual Ch (T) Bromhund Little Miss Sunshine TSD TSDX “Lexi”
Owned by Chris Weetman 
What a wonderful tracking season she had gaining 3 titles Tracking Champion, Track & Search & Track and Search Dog Excellent.  Huge congrats looking forward to 2017 and what she will achieve. 

TS CH / T Ch Bromhund Shamrocks Luck ET TSDX “Arrow” Owned by Michael Yeo 
Fabulous results from Arrow this tracking season with Track & Search Champion title!! Well done guys 

Bromhund Centre Stage RN “Penny” Owned by Lisa Marie-Price 
Penny not even 12 months of age gained her RN title and working in retrieving and also hitting the show ring.  Looking forward to more versatile results from this young lady in 2017. 

WE had some devastating loses in 2016 
RIP our wonderful kids your influence on us is still around we miss you L 
Aust Ch Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) “Carrie” 
Aust Ch Bromhund Center Piece “Page” 
Aust Ch Bromhund In The Know “Harry” 
Aust Ch Bromhund Pinch a Piece “Pinch” 
Finally a huge thank you to all our fabulous puppy owners out there that give our Bromhund Kids the best life they can have..  

Looking forward to a wonderful 2017 !!

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