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This is our News for 2006, please check out our Latest News and Updates page for all the current News.

Another Minor in Group for Indi and Arron well done!!!
17th December
Res Challenge / Minor Puppy in Group at Kilmore Kennel Club Inc
Judge Mr J Burgess QLD.

Our 2 longhair babies arrived safe and sound into Toronto Canada on Friday night.
Good Luck Lynda Graef  - Greysilk Weimaraners & 
 Shelley Shorrock - Gramayre Weimaraners

Finally some pictures of Trudi and Wolf babies


Wachtel-Berg Can Be A Genie (IMP NZ)
(Sire NZ CH Kwick As A Dash Dam: NZ Ch Bromhund Miss Crusader)

Kiri has arrived safe and sound, we are very excited to introduce her to our kennel.  Kiri's lines combine some of Australia's USA imports such as Levi and Chip and is grand daughter to the top winning Weimaraner Aust GR Ch Divani Just A Dash

We look forward to an exciting future with her.  
We would like to thank Sue Allison for the opportunity to get a puppy from this breeding.

A great weekend of showing!!

Harry does it again taking another big Best of Breed Win @ 
Combined CCC Club Committee Show.
8th December Judge Mrs S Foster SA
Best of Breed (15 points) - Bromhund In the Know
Res Dog Challenge - Aust Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy Owner L Smith
Res Bitch Challenge - Bromhund Desginer Gene 

Combined CCC Club Committee Show
9th December Judge Mrs D Duffin VIC
Challenge Bitch (11points) - Bromhund Designer Gene

Well done to Arron and Indi
Bromhund Its A Class
10th December Maryborough & District Kennel Club 
Judge Mr R Stoate VIC
Best of Breed

A huge congratulations to all at Aceweis Kennels with Cusack's son Aust Ch Aceweis Soul Sensation taking
BEST IN SHOW on Saturday... Well done team

Some very exciting news @ Bromhund

Aust Ch Bromhund High Fidelity "Cusack" semen is off to Canada and USA

We are very proud that 3 breeders in Canada and US have seen Cusack's quailties and have had Frozen semen collected from him. Good luck to 
Dana Massey - WinWeim Kennels - USA
Shelley Shorrock - Gramayre Kennels - Canada
Denise Gordeyko - Leith Weimaraners - Canada

All the best, keep an eye on Cusack's page for updates on the arrival of his kids in both the US and Canada.

A great weekend for Bromhund's latest stars

Weimaraner Club of QLD first Pointscore for 2007 and Harry "Bromhund In The Know" wins 
BEST OF BREED (16points)
25/11/06 Caboolture Kennel Club
Judge Mrs R Thompson (WA)
Sunday 26/11/06
Indi "Bromhund Its A Classic" wins
Best of Breed & Minor In Group
Sovereign City Kennel Club
Judge Miss J Oliver (VIC)
Well done Arron and Indi...

Photo's of Trudi and Wolf babies will be posted towards the end of the week...

Madison's baby girls now over a week old
Bromhund Madison Avenue
Bromhund Manhattan

18th November 2006
Bangalow Agricultural Socitey [CH].
Judge(s) : Mr Pickering (NSW). 

Best of Breed (9 points)

Bromhund Designer Gene

2 of Trudi's babies they have grown now nearly 7 weeks old

Sunday 12th November 
Brunswick Valley Kennel Club Inc [CH]
Judge(s) : Mr E J Forbes (NSW). 

Challenge Bitch /Runner Up Best Of Breed (8 points)
Bromhund Designer Gene 
Res Dog Challenge / Minor Puppy In Group
Bromhund In The Know  

Friday 10th November
at Mullimbimby Kennel Club [CH].
Judge: Mrs M Merchant SA.

Bromhund In the Know "Harry" first show in Minor Puppy and he wins Best of Breed 10 points!!
Bromhund Designer Gene "Dede"
Runner Up Best of Breed Challenge Bitch (8points)

A huge congratulations to Lynelle Smith & Kye on being our 106th Champion and what style to finish his championship on the day he turned 13 months.
Lockyer Valley Kennel Club Inc
Championship Show 7th November 2006
Judge Mr R Jeff (QLD)
Best of Breed
Best in Group 


Well done now 
Aust Ch Bromhund Free N Ezy

Harry "Bromhund In the Know" 
Sunbury Canine Club 7th November 2006
Judge Mr J Thirwell UK
Baby Puppy in Group 
This was Harry's last show in Baby as he turns 6 months tomorrow

Born 2/11/06 Cusack is a dad again Congratulations Kathy White in NZ on the arrival of 7 babies 5 girls & 2 boys. 

We look forward to the future Weissenberg stars.

Aust Ch Bromhund High Fidelity "Cusack" wins Best of Breed, Runner Up in Group & Open In Group @ Royal Geelong Show Judge Ms J Lees VIC.

We are very excited to announce our future litter, confirmed in whelp Aust Ch Greywei Just Too Smart AI "Madison" has been bred to Am Ch Nani's Class Clown "Class". These puppies will be due 13th November.
It has been 10 years since we had Class puppies so we are very excited about the arrival of these babies. 

Another BABY IN GROUP for Indi "Bromhund Its A Classic" 
Well done Indi and Arron
14th October Ballarat Dog Club
Judge Mrs D Ballie (VIC)

Congratulations Sam & Gary Lukedom Kennels(Sydney) on the arrival of 5 babies 2 males and 4 females. 
Cusack is a proud dad.
Contact Sam if you are interested in a puppy

Great photo taken by Sam Lawler of the 3 boys
Hugo, Harry and Herman ("Greywei Rising Star" Cusack Son) Pretty good line up

Weekend away and we had 4 shows... The weekend did not get off to a great start with Cusack pulling up lame on the first day of showing so I was very dissapointed
The rest of the weekend made up for me not being able to show him... Results as follows

ACT Gundog Show Society
Judge Mrs S Marshall
1st Baby Puppy Dog & Baby of Breed- Bromhund In The Know "Harry"
1st Baby Puppy Bitch - Bromhund It's a Classic "Indi"

Act Weimaraners Specialty
Judge Mrs Cathy Trinka
1st Baby Puppy Dog & Baby Puppy in Show - Bromhund In The Know "Harry"

ACT Gundog Show 1st October
Judge Mrs L Harding (VIC)
Baby Puppy of Breed Bromhund It's A Classic "Indi"

Buster's daughter Silverdohar Cold As Ice wins Minor In Show & Runner Up Best of Breed
@ the ACT Gudog Show Best of Breed....

They have arrived Trudi's babies 9 - 7 girls & 2 males

What a weekend!!
Weimaraner Club of Victoria Inc
Judge Mr D Hunter (NSW)
Cusack wins another Specialty Challenge 
Challeng Dog

Bromhund In the Know "Harry" wins Baby Puppy in Show

At Bathurst & Districrt Kennel Club [CH].
Judge(s) : Miss C Stuart (NSW). 

Bromhund Incoginto "Hugo" wins another Baby in Group & 2nd 3-6 mths sweepstakes (29 Entries)

Aust Ch Bromhund Nirvana ET "Indy"
Wins Best of Breed

Well done Joesph & Renata

We now have our 105th Champion
Bromhund Edeva Rose
Best of Breed & Junior in Group
at Mackay Kennel Club Inc [CH].
Judge(s) : Mr.W.Burton (NSW).

Another Baby in Group for one of I litter!!

Well done Arron and Indi "Bromhund Its a Classic"
Baby Puppy in Group

Well done "Hugo" Bromhund Incoginto on 

3-Sep-06 3rd 3-6 mths Sweepstakes
Dalwood international weekend [CH] (Judge was MR H Kamisato (Jpn))

2-Sep-06 2nd 3-6 mths sweepstakes
Dalwood international weekend [CH] (Judge was Mrs P Gutterrez-Otero (Mexico))

2-Sep-06 Baby puppy in group
Dalwood international weekend [CH] (Judge was Mrs E Berg (USA))

Stunning Hugo

Bromhund Incognito

Hugo @ 12 weeks

Bromhund Incognito 

New photos of Indi taken at her first show on the weekend.. so cute

Greywei Rising Star "Herman" wins another Baby in Group.. Well done Deb and Herman

Best In Group
Ch Bromhund High Fidelity "Cusack" wins Best In Group @ Metroplitian Canine Assoication.. Thanks to judge Mr N Strathdee NSW.  Also thanks to Sam Lawler on some great photo's.

How proud are we "Trudi" has been painted by the famous John Silver in the UK.  A big thank you to Debbie for making this happen we are so thrilled.

Also thanks to Edwina "Border Pix N Art" for taking such a wonderful photo.

Cusack congratulates his son 

"Herman" Greywei Rising Star on Baby In Group

Great weekend Retrieving well done once again Jackie great work with Radar

ALL AGE JUDGE--Helen Cattermole
2nd place 134 points
His daughter Storm gets a 2nd in Restricted

I have made up a page from our USA trip with some photos of some of our favourite dogs we saw over there.

  We are also very excited about the arrival of Am Ch Graytsky's Smokin' In Havanna "Mac" leased by Ian Parsons & Sue Shirgley,  (Ghostwind Kennels) for 2 years we look forward to his arrival late 2006.

Madison and Boomer's babies have grown since we have been gone now 7 weeks old.

We are back, what a fantastic time we had.  There are lots of photo's from the Weimaraner National it was great to see so many lovely dogs.  The 2nd biggest National the club has had, so we where all very pleased to have chosen to have gone over this year.  I will post some pictures in the next few days after I get over the jet lag.

But while we have been away there where more results coming in!

In Sweden a big Congratulations goes to Kristina and Fortune on gaining Blood Tracking champion title well done Kristina we are very proud of you both...

Bromhund Edeva Rose 
Best of Breed,Puppy in Group at Mackay A.P&I Assn Inc [CH].
Judge(s) : Mr.N.J.Jackson
Well done Deva and Maxine, Deva is well on her way to becoming our 105th Champion
Bromhund Edeva Rose "Deva" now half way to her show title, a champion soon...

Again well done Maxine and Bromhund Edeva Rose "Deva"
27th May 2006 BOB,Puppy in Group,Reserve Exhibit in Group at Mackay Kennel Club Inc [CH].
Judge(s) : Mr.J.Rice (SA). 

Bromhund Greta Garbo QC wins 1st in Restricted this gives Greta her NRD title!!!
27th May 2006 Labrador Club Qld
Restricted Judge G Golle 
Congratulations Jackie and Greta

"Cusack" Aust Ch Bromhund High Fidelity wins Runner Up In Group
Western Suburbs All Breeds Championship Show 27/5/06
Judge Mrs S Marshall

Well done Maxine and Bromhund Edeva Rose "Deva" on Runner Up BOB & Puppy In Group
Clermont Show Society [CH].
Judge(s) : C.M.Pearen.

Madison puppies have arrived born 8/5/06 
7 puppies 4 males & 3 females
All doing well.

Keep an eye on the puppy page for pictures

Bromhund Free N Easy
Wins his 2nd Minor In Group
Well done Lynelle & Kye

What a week we had in Sydney with the Weimaraner Club of NSW hosting 2 Speciality Shows. 
First show held on Good Friday Judge was Mrs. Dana Massey USA Win Wiem Kennels

Ch Bromhund Unique Trudi wins Challenge Bitch Weimaraner Longhair

Ch Bromhund High Fidelity "Cusack" wins

~~~~~~Runner Up BEST IN SHOW~~~~~~

2nd Speciality Show held on Easter Sunday Judge Mr Tim Smith UK Roxberg Weimaraners

Ch Bromhund Unique Trudi wins Challenge Bitch & Runner Up Best of Breed Weimaraner Longhair

Ch Bromhund High Fidelity "Cusack" wins

~~~~~~~BEST IN SHOW~~~~~~~



Ch Bromhund Unquie Trudi continues on her winning way taking Best of Breed Sydney Royal. Well done Trudi and Debbie

Ch Bromhund Unquie Trudi wins Best In Group at Yass & District Show Society under Mr J Black (VIC)
Well done Debbie and Trudi!!!!

Aust Ch Bromhund Winning Edge "Gabby" wins 2 x Intermediate In Groups at her first show with Sue Turner.
Well done Gabby and Sue

Rosemary gains Madison title
Now Aust Ch Greywei Just too Smart AI...

Well done Rosemary & Madison... 

Another Intermediate in Group win for Aust Ch Bromhund Winning Edge!!! Well done Sue and Gabby...

Rt Ch Bromhund Major
Working Results
ALL AGE Judge--Garry Haigh
3rd place
ALL AGE Judge--Brian Pritahard
1st place

Well done Jackie and Radar

Cusack's latest litter arrives 8 babies 6 males 2 females
Dam: Aust Ch Greywei Smart Moves AI "Poppy"

Congratulations to Norma & Debbie @ Greywei Kennels.

Congratulations to Joseph & Renata Mirto on a Best in Group with Indy 

Aust Ch Bromhund Nirvana ET. 
Well Done!!

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