Weimaraner Club of NSW Specialty and Melbourne Royal

Our dogs have done so well over the last few weeks.. 

Amazing day the dogs all performed beautifully Hank & Joel Wallis runner up Best of Breed. Jagger & Missy Res Cc. Gambler Polly Fall Lady all 1st Ticket Jewel Dixie & Eli 2nd in their class's. Lastly Cody BEST OF BREED from puppy class. Now waiting for the breeders team.


Specialty in NSW October 2017 

Huge thanks to Melanie 'Power' Tinker on handling Cody to res dog cc (LH) & Gambler today to Puppy in SHOW!! Joel Wallis for taking the rains with all the girls all placing at the Weimaraner Club of NSW Specialty. In Melbourne Kwan Jai Mulder handled Miley in there first open show to BABY IN GROUP. Angela Tulk at Kygole won Best of Breed with Ellie. Huge thanks to John & Rosemary Mayhew getting the team up to Sydney for the speciality.


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